Summary of GCD using health-saving, gaming technologies Topic: “Visit Doctor Aibolit!”

HELP AIBOLIT – summary of the game lesson

The material was published in the All-Russian collection of practice-oriented materials “Preschool and primary education - modern methods and technologies of teaching and education - APRIL-2021”

Mezhekova Maria Anatolyevna

Sultanova Natalya Dmitrievna


MBDOU CRR "Kindergarten "Rainbow"


HELP AIBOLIT game lesson notes

Advertising message

Objectives: To introduce children to excerpts from K. Chukovsky’s work “Aibolit”. Introduce children to the letter "A". Teach children to listen carefully to the poem and complete tasks related to its content. Form basic ideas about medical care. Form stable ideas about color, shape, quantity, size, position in space. Practice carefully gluing image details in the center of the sheet and along the entire plane of the sheet. Continue learning how to paint over images with a brush and paint, trying not to go beyond the outline of the image; draw with a cotton swab. Improve your modeling skills, the ability to divide in half into two parts. Develop thinking, fine motor skills, taste buds. Equipment: Book by K. Chukovsky “Aibolit”, box “Magic Book”. Colored silhouette pictures depicting the letter “A”. Cards with numbers (1, 2, 3). A background picture with an image of a tree, a winding road, dark silhouettes of the shadows of a cow, she-wolf, bug, worm, she-bear; these same color pictures and Aibolit. Medicine boxes, toys from their “Hospital” set in two copies. White children's robes. Glue. Paper-cut syringe, jar, thermometer, pills, red cross. A sheet of white paper folded in half in the form of a medical suitcase. Cotton swabs, green paint, a picture of a fox with red bite dots. “Dog” toys according to the number of children, plaster, cut into pieces. Plasticine, stacks, modeling boards. Red finger paints. Sheets of paper with an outline image of an empty medicine jar. Multi-colored clothespins, silhouette images of toothbrushes without bristles cut out of thick cardboard. Colored buttons in two sizes. Audio recordings: the song “Doctor Aibolit” from the cartoon.

Progress of the lesson:

Greeting game “Our smart heads” Our smart heads Will think a lot, cleverly. The ears will listen, the mouth will speak clearly. Hands will clap, Feet will stomp. Our backs straighten, we smile at each other.

Surprise moment “The Magic Book” – Today the magic book again wants to introduce us to an interesting fairy tale about the good doctor Aibolit. Introducing the letter A - Aibolit wants to check if you are all healthy. Let's all show him our throats together, stick out our tongues and say: “Ah-ah.” Doctor Aibolit really liked the way you say: “Ah-ah,” so the good doctor decided to give you this beautiful letter “A.” After all, this is his favorite letter, his name begins with it - Aibolit. Didactic game “Whom Aibolit helped”

Good Doctor Aibolit! He is sitting under a tree. (Place the figurine of Doctor Aibolit under the tree) Come to him for treatment And a cow, and a wolf, And a bug, and a worm, And a bear! Good Doctor Aibolit will heal everyone! (Lay out figures of sick animals on their shadows)

Didactic game "Find a pair"

– The doctor has everything he needs in his suitcase to help the patient. Here are the items from Dr. Aibolit’s medical suitcase. Match your item with a pair - exactly the same item. How many objects do you have in your hands? Can you count them? Two. Show the number "2". Application “Doctor Aibolit’s suitcase” – Glue a red cross on the lid of the suitcase, and stick a picture of medicines on the inside surface. And now you will be Dr. Aibolit’s assistants. Put on white coats and help the doctor treat sick animals.

Modeling “Tablets” And immediately the ostriches Squeal like piglets. Oh, it’s a pity, a pity, a pity for the poor ostriches!

By rolling in a circle, children form a ball, then flatten it. – We need to give the sick ostrich not a whole tablet, but only half. Split the tablet in half. Drawing with “Mixture” paints And nearby hippos grabbed their tummies: They, the hippos, have tummies that hurt. – The medicine will help with stomach pain. Paint the jar and fill it with the mixture.

Game with clothespins “Toothbrushes”

And a toothy shark snoozes nearby, a toothy shark lies in the sun. Oh, her little ones, the poor baby sharks, their teeth have been hurting for twelve days now!

– To prevent your teeth from hurting, you need to brush them. Let's make toothbrushes from clothespins for the shark and her babies. So he cured them. So he cured the sick, and they went to laugh. And dance and play around! Glory, glory to Aibolit! Glory to the good doctors! Dynamic pause “Aibolit’s Journey” Let’s follow the path of Aibolit. Across the sea: jumping from whale to whale. Over the mountains: climb over a bench. Through the swamp: they step over the hummocks. Through the cave: they crawl into the tunnel.

Didactic game “Put the medicines in the cabinets”

– The patients have all recovered, they no longer need medicine, let’s remove the bottles of medicine. Count how many jars? Three jars. Can we say that the jars are the same? No, the jars are different. Show the largest jar, the medium one, the smallest one. Which jar do you think contains eye medicine? How did you guess? There is an eye on the jar. How big is this jar? The smallest. What jar contains the ear medicine? In a medium jar. Which bottle contains the nasal medicine? In a big jar. Now arrange the jars of medicine in cabinets of a suitable size. Reflection. - Guys, look what wonderful Aibolit we have, let's put them on a ship and send them to the island. Now all the animals will recover and be happy. – Did you like helping animals from the country of Limpopo? What did you like most? – All the animals thank you very much! And Aibolit sent you vitamins so that you don’t get sick and can continue to help everyone. You guys are great!

Entertainment in the middle group “The Glorious Doctor Aibolit”

Nadezhda Mancheva
Entertainment in the middle group “The Glorious Doctor Aibolit”

Program content: To form children's ideas about a healthy lifestyle; consolidate children's knowledge about personal hygiene items; consolidate children's knowledge about the benefits of vitamins and their importance for human health; consolidate children's knowledge about the benefits of morning exercises; cultivate a desire to take care of your health and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Material and equipment: attributes of the costume of Doctor Aibolit and Carlson ; vegetables and fruits; 2 baskets cut out of colored puddle cardboard - 6 pieces.

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