Fire retardants for wood: Safety and Efficiency
How a speech therapist works to initiate speech in a child
Professional Hairdressing Courses: Your Path to Success in the World of Beauty
Game "Boku Boku (Mod everything is open)" on Android: All adventures are in your hands!
Drawing on the theme of autumn for kindergarten and school
Crafts on the theme “Autumn” for children in kindergarten and school
Autumn came and brought with it many pleasant moments: gold appeared on the trees and
Presentation for introducing preschoolers to the world around them “Children about autumn”
GCD “Late Autumn” using ICT (preparatory group) Summary of GCD on the topic: “Autumn” in
DIY plasticine applique - modeling lesson for children, photos of beautiful crafts on an autumn theme + instructions on how to make
Simple crafts from plasticine Children 1–2 years old can easily roll balls and flatten them with pads
Preschool education in Russia in the context of modernization. Maksimkina Lidiya Petrovna Head of MBDOU "Korablik" - presentation
The first kindergartens in Russia - presentation State budgetary educational institution of higher professional education
Application of fruits and vegetables for children of different ages according to step-by-step instructions (85 photos)
Positive aspects of creating applications This type of crafts has a very beneficial effect on the development of the child. Basic
Methods of early development of the Nikitin family
Message from work experience on the topic: “Educational game “Fold the pattern” as one of the types of planar modeling”
Boris Pavlovich and Lena Alekseevna Nikitin are called by many classics of Russian pedagogy. Using our own example
Presentation of the theatrical activity circle “Sun”
“Do-it-yourself puppet theaters for preschoolers” - presentation “Do-it-yourself puppet theaters for preschoolers”
Applique vegetables - detailed master classes for kindergarten and school children
Each child is unique, you just need to find your own approach to him. An interesting and entertaining activity
Summary of the frontal lesson on teaching literacy (in the preparatory group) “Treasure Journey”
What are frontal speech therapy classes? Since January 1, 2014, I entered into
Autumn landscape
Card index of didactic games based on applications for preschool children
Victoria Lysova Card index of didactic games using applications for preschool children Junior group “Vesely”
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